New 2024 Medi-Cal Expansion: Access to Comprehensive Healthcare for All

Exciting news for California residents! Starting in January 2024, a new California law is set to revolutionize healthcare access in the state. Regardless of your age or immigration status, you and your family will be eligible for free or low-cost full-scope Medi-Cal. This bold initiative recognizes the hard work of undocumented Californians and their right to comprehensive healthcare.

Your Immigration Status Doesn’t Matter

One of the most significant aspects of this new law is that your immigration status no longer impacts your eligibility for Medi-Cal. Whether you’re documented or not, you can qualify if you have a low income. Medi-Cal is provided by the California government, emphasizing the state’s commitment to ensuring healthcare for all its residents.

Immigration Status and Green Card

Importantly, applying for or using full-scope Medi-Cal will not affect your immigration status, and it won’t harm your chances or a family member’s chances of getting a green card, except in specific cases like extended stays in nursing homes or mental institutions. Regular mental health services through Medi-Cal, such as visiting a psychiatrist or therapist, will not jeopardize your immigration status, and you need not worry about any public charge concerns. This means that seeking essential healthcare through Medi-Cal will not negatively impact your immigration journey or that of your family members.

Key Benefits of Medi-Cal

Now, you might be wondering, how does Medi-Cal benefit me and my family? Here’s a quick overview:

1. **Healthcare Access**: Medi-Cal helps you and your family get and stay healthy. It covers your healthcare in emergencies and protects you from hefty medical bills.

2. **Comprehensive Services**: You’ll have access to preventive healthcare, annual check-ups, dental and vision care, referrals to specialists, prescription drugs, mental health services, substance abuse treatment, emergency care, transportation, long-term care, hearing aids, and more.

3. **Affordability**: Full-scope Medi-Cal is either free or low-cost. Monthly payments, if required, are minimal, and there are no hidden fees.

Enrollment Requirements

To enroll in Medi-Cal, you’ll need:

– A driver’s license or photo ID (which can include a passport, school ID, marriage record, work badge, or an ID issued by your home country’s government).
– Proof of income (a current pay stub or bank statement is best, but you can describe your income to the eligibility worker if you don’t have these documents).
– Proof of residence (which can include a telephone or electric bill).

Do I Qualify?

Qualification varies depending on your specific situation. Families with children may qualify at higher incomes than single individuals. For precise information on your eligibility, contact one of the designated groups starting in January 2024.

How to Apply

Getting started is easy. You can either call StLRS at (844) 245-1900 for FREE & Confidential assistance with the Medi-Cal application, or you can visit your local county office. Find your local office’s address on dhcs.ca.gov/COL, or visit DHCS.ca.gov.

With the new 2024 Medi-Cal expansion, California is taking a significant step towards providing comprehensive healthcare to all its residents, irrespective of immigration status. This initiative promises a healthier, more secure future for you and your family, with access to a wide range of essential healthcare services at minimal or no cost. Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance with your application or for more information – we’re here to help you access the care you deserve.

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