Leadership and Staff


Lydia Ramirez
Executive Director
(424) 220-6647

Prior to becoming the Executive Director of St. Louise Resource Services (StLRS), Lydia Ramirez has worked within the ministries of the Daughters of Charity for over 30 years in prior roles and responsibilities. In her time as Director of Community Outreach Programs for the Daughters of Charity Ministry Services Corporation, Health Benefits Resource Management (DOCMSC HBRM), she was instrumental in developing programs, such as the Health Benefits Resource Centers (HBRC), where she implemented a one-stop service model to provide those in need with avenues of access to affordable health benefits and other resources. In her current role as Executive Director for StLRS, she continues her commitment and passion for serving the most vulnerable as she develops and implements the same successful, one-stop service model for the innovative mobile ministry. StLRS’ goal is to travel where families live, work, play and pray to help bring easier access to health benefits and other social services.

Sister Carol Padilla, DC
Assistant to Executive Director
(424) 220-6644

Sister Carol Padilla has been a Daughter of Charity for 54 years. She first trained and worked as a nurse for 10 years and has a rich background of service to the poor through her ministry. Most recently, prior to becoming the Assistant to Executive Director at StLRS, she worked at the Ministry Services of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent De Paul, where her main responsibility was Vincentian Catholic Formation. She provided ongoing training for the management and staff in Vincentian Catholic charism and in integration of values and mission formation in the everyday work-life of the staff.

As Assistant to Executive Director, Sr. Carol assists with the community outreach plan by collaborating with three of the four Daughters of Charity sponsored schools on Los Angeles, Daughters of Charity ministries, and other faith and community-based organizations to make StLRS’ services available to those in need of assistance.


Orieta Garcia
Office Manager
(424) 220- 6644

Iliana Rivas
Accounting and Data Coordinator
(424) 220-6645

Sara Villagran
Fund Development Manager
(424) 220-6645

Maria Carmen Ayala
Family Service Coordinator II
(424) 220-6645

Susie Hernandez
Project Management Coordinator
(424) 220-6645

Jessica Sandez-Ruiz
Family Service Coordinator II
(424) 220-6645