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StLRS services are free and confidential

St. Louise Resource Services (StLRS) has encountered individuals and families with unique and sensitive needs. Through serving the community, we have come to find that the need determines the service. StLRS works to cultivate unique ways to serve and meet the needs of the community. We are here to help those who seek help, keeping in line with our mission to empower people to access the healthcare benefits and social services that they need.

StLRS promotes preventative healthcare and the value of having health insurance, provides free and confidential consultations, help signing up for programs, and referrals to other specialty programs. StLRS provides advocacy for clients throughout the application process and if necessary, accompanies people who need help accessing programs.

Do you have questions about health insurance, including Medi-Cal?

Medi-Cal can help you pay for doctor’s visits, medication, dental screenings, rehabilitation, surgery, visits to the hospital and more.

You may be eligible for the Medi-Cal Expansion, regardless of your citizenship or immigration status.

Open Enrollment Period is now through January 31, 2024.

We can assist with a Shop and Compare, reporting a change, and renewals.

The Shop and Compare tool allows you to look at different plans, empowering you to choose the best one for your needs and budget.

StLRS Services


You may be eligible for an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card through the CalFresh program.

CalFresh can help you expand your monthly budget by granting benefits to purchase nutritous food.

How can StLRS help you?

StLRS’ mobile office is a unique part of our ministry. It allows us to go directly where there is a need, making it easier for people to access needed programs and services, especially when access is difficult to find or far from where they live. The mobile office contains two (2) private offices that are a dignified and secure space for families to receive the on-the-spot assistance they need.

We can help you:

  • Sign up for Medi-Cal including pregnancy related coverage
  • Learn about Covered California
  • Receive a screening and apply for CalFresh
  • Renew your Medi-Cal / CalFresh benefits
  • Contact your Medi-Cal / CalFresh county eligibility worker
  • Learn about and get a direct referral for My Health LA
  • Find out about the Southern CA Kaiser Permanente Child Health Program
  • Refer you to agencies or programs that provide other needed services
  • Provide friendly check-ins and follow-up assistance after program enrollment


For more information on health and nutrition resources, visit our Resources and Links page. Remember, StLRS is here to help you with the enrollment process. Call us today (844) 245-1900.