StLRS Promotores & Collaborative Health Solutions Insurance

StLRS is thrilled to witness the ongoing progress of our Community Health Promotores Initiative. This program is designed to promote community awareness of health and nutrition services, as well as empower individuals and families to access the services they may need. The participating Promotores are volunteers, who of which have a close relationship with the obstacles and struggles their community faces regarding health knowledge and accessibility. Their unique connection to their community makes them effective in increasing the awareness of health insurance benefits, social services, food assistance programs, and preventative health topics.

Our Promotores continue to participate in training sessions and workshops to further expand their knowledge and skill development to properly serve the communities they live in.

As part of the training curriculum, StLRS invited Collaborative Health Insurance Solutions to present to our Promotores basic Medicare information. Our Promotores received direct information from Collaborative Health’s agents and engaged with them in discussions and questions. Our Promotores, and the StLRS team, are grateful to Collaborative Health’s availability to share valuable information with members of the community.

Collaborative Health Insurance Solutions is an insurance agency dedicated to helping people understand and navigate Medicare. With over 30 years of Medicare insurance experience, they have developed a system to determine the best fit for your individual needs. Additionally, their services are available at no cost to you.

Our Community Health Promotores Initiative is generously funded by Health Net.

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